Advanced Renewable Energy System

Straight forward solution

Profitable, bankable, green and human-centered

You wish to better control your risks and always increasing costs around energy, your commitment to environmental sustainability and your desire to increase your business resilience? All will be realized with this one-stop-shop partnership under NATPOWER - ARES

NATPOWER's ARES delivers highly profitable improvements, financial benefits and innovation to your companies energy situation, literally without any risk of investment for you in the areas of:

Cost Optimisation

Reducing the volatility risk of energy prices
Long term planning of energy costs
Elimination of investment risks
No operation and maintenance costs
Up to 0% equity requirement

Business Sustainability

Ensuring market access
Building competitive advantages
Improving business resilience
Compliance with Vietnam Law on Energy
Compliance with Vietnam Energy Development Plan 2030  


Clear, transparent and traceable energy footprint
Demonstrable positive impacts on society
Improved stakeholder trust and confidence
Prepared for future ESG requirements
Ready for green/sustainable finance 

Frankly spoken, it needs a bit of work, but finally it’s again a powerfull handshake making us partners and friends.

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