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Advanced Renewable Energy System

Straight forward solution

bankable, green and human-centered

Your need to better control risks and costs around energy, your commitment to environmental sustainability and your desire to increase your business resilience can be realized with this one-stop-shop partnership under NATPOWER ARES.

NATPOWER's ARES  model delivers improvements, benefits and innovation to your company litteraly without any risk of investment for you in the areas of:

Business Sustainability

Ensuring market access
Building competitive advantages
Improving business resilience
Compliance with Vietnam Law on Energy
Compliance with Vietnam Energy Development Plan 2030

ESG - Performance

Clear, transparent and tracable energy footprint
Demonstrable positive impacts on society
Improved stakeholder trust and confidence
Prepared for future ESG requriements
Ready for green/sustainable finance

Cost Optimisation

Reducing the volatility risk of energy prices
Long term planning of energy costs
Elimination of investment risks
No operation and maintenance costs
Up to 0% equtiy requirement

Frankly spoken, it needs a bit of work, but finally it’s again a handshake making us ARES partners and friends. 

Make the handshake with NATPOWER - Now