Smart Energy with Swiss Financing & Technology Power 

NATPOWER International AG, a Swiss tech- and finance group, has earmarked funds of US$ 250 Million introducing ARES (Advanced Renewable Energy System) to implement sustainable HIGH-END HIGH-TECH power solutions. 

NATPOWER Vietnam Investment JSC will participate in ARES with its SMART ENERGY investments for industrial complexes, factories and warehouses, office-, commercial-, and residential-complexes.

ARES`s tech program “WaLuLiSo” is the most advanced and innovative high-end high-tech selection, effectively eliminating POWER SUPPLY - POWER DEMAND gaps, supported by artificial intelligence (AI) F&O management.

WaLuLiSo tech program - SMART ENERGY solution is applied with e.g.

  • generation
  • storage
  • cooling
  • heating
  • pressure
  • forecasting
  • optimization

… creating and adding sustainable value.

Following your FREE application – click below - NATPOWER's experts develop a customized SMART ENERGY – GREEN PROFIT solution for you.

Under ARES's tech program WaLuLiSo, innovative high-tech "SMART ENERGY – GREEN PROFIT" solutions guarantee YOU green profits.