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International AG

Good things are just a handshake away.


A Handshake


the most powerful expression of trust, respect and dignity

Looking into the stories of all those women and men forming NATPOWER International AG today, the attitude of honouring a handshake is a consistent key element. 

We share the core-values honesty, tolerance and empathy amongst us and with all our partners. 

40 years of partnerships

Paired with profound technical expertise, a solid financial foundation and an open-minded spirit of innovation NATPOWER International AG is proud of more than four decades full of trustworthy partnerships.

Employees, neighbors, financiers, suppliers and authorities are all treated in that special NATPOWER way.

Having said this it is just the right moment to share with you the fruits of our decade long trustworthy relationships. We are proud to introduce  an unprecedented new NATPOWER International AG investment model: 

A new entry to your renewable energy system


Advanced Renewable Energy System

Straight forward solutions

bankable, green and human-centered

Your need to better control risks and costs around energy, your commitment to environmental sustainability and your desire to increase your business resilience can be realized with this one-stop-shop partnership under  NATPOWER ARES. - Learn more now about ARES

Frankly spoken, it needs a bit of work, but finally it’s again a handshake making us partners and friends. 

Make the handshake with NATPOWER - Now